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Don and Linda Tannenbaum founded NIDA in 2011, five years after their daughter suddenly fell ill when she was only sixteen. They spent three months searching for a diagnosis – visiting over 20 doctors of various specialties, giving blood for over 150 lab tests, and having fifteen different scans. Even though the majority of the tests came back negative and one doctor even told Don and Linda they were causing their daughter’s illness, they continued to search for an answer. In November 2006, their daughter was finally diagnosed with ME/CFS. The quest for a diagnosis stopped and the search for a cure and symptom relief began.

After a year of being bedridden followed by two months in a wheelchair, their daughter stepped back into the world with a new normal. She continues to improve, relapse and improve again. Although she constantly fears the next relapse and what her future health might be; she is one of the lucky ones and currently has more good days than bad and lives a relatively normal life.

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