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NIDA is currently raising funds for the OMI-MERIT Initiative.



OMI-MERIT (ME Roundtable on Immunology and Treatment) is a strategic initiative of Open Medicine Institute (OMI) and its collaborators to bring together leading clinicians and researchers to tackle this debilitating but underserved disease. The MERIT group is focused on developing and applying a multi-factorial approach to the discovery of new diagnostic and treatment solutions for ME/CFS.

In June 2012, OMI convened an initial group of game changers to advance and prioritize the conversation around urgently needed treatments for ME/CFS. Top scientists in their field of expertise and ME/CFS physicians collaborated and engaged in a two-day session with the goal to address practical issues and identify achievable targets in ME/CFS with a focus on research projects that deliver results for patients in the shortest amount time. They came up with a top 10 list of projects that would pave the way for answers.

OMI-MERIT Priority Projects

1. Clinical Trials: Rituximab and Valgancylovir
2. Neuro Registry & Biobank
3. Protein Panels
4. Other Mono & Combo Therapy
5. Immunologic Biomarker Exploration
6. DNA Genetics
7. Mass Spec/ Environmental
8. Viral Testing
9. Advanced Biomarker Study
10. Natural & OTC Substances:

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